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RNAS Cloth shoulder flash

Standard original flash for the RNAS.

Code: 50422

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1st Sikh Infantry Officer's Shoulder Belt Plate c.1867

The regiment was formed in 1846 by Captain J. S. Hodgson at Hoshiarpur as 1st Sikh Infantry, part of the British Indian Army. In 1846-7 1st, along with the 4th Sikh Regiments formed the Infantry of the Frontier Brigade and in 1847 became 1st Regiment of Sikh Local Infantry. By 1851 Frontier Brigade became the Punjab Irregular Force (Piffers) including the Corps of Guides and Punjab Irregular Force. In 1865 the unit became 1st Regiment of Sikh Infantry, Punjab Frontier Force. By 1903 it was retitled 51st Sikhs (Frontier Force). It participated in several campaigns earning the following battle honors:

1849 Punjaub
1878 Afghanistan
Ali Masjid

Based on the single Battle Honor "PUNJAB" on the bottom of the plate and the title "1st SIKH INFANTRY PUNJAB FRONTIER FORCE" in the banners it is assumed this badge dates 1865. A beautiful badge, typical of the Indian Forces of the Victorian Era. It has all of the original nuts and fasteners with a nice patina and finish. Maker Marked Rannkin & Co. The National Army Museum owns a number of buckles and badges of this unit, but not this device. A rare item. There is a small cord tassel on the bottom right that extends beneath the banner, and the matching one on the left is broken off, the only damage to this beautiful badge.

Code: 50253

500.00 CAD

Unidentified plate

If anyone can identify this plate please let me know. It appears to be a Sabretache plate for Yeomanry, but I could be wrong. Any assistance would be welcome.

Code: 50669


Other ranks 1875 British Militia Artillery Helmet Plate

Standard brass Victorian era Militia Artillery plate with its lugs.

Code: 50668

125.00 CAD

1861 Pattern Other Ranks Shako Plate for the 2nd Regiment of Foot

A fine example of the standard 1861 pattern shako plate with the void 2. These were very simple badges. It appears the lugs were repaired.

Code: 50667

90.00 CAD

Victorian era Other Ranks 21st Lancer Helmet Plate

A nice example of a OR lancer plate with screw back posts intact. Nice patina.

Code: 50666

125.00 CAD

Leicestershire Yeomanry Shako Plate c.1840

Here we offer a very attractive early Yeomanry badge worn on the 1829 Shako. Hard to find, and a nice plate. Good condition overall, with lugs.

Code: 50665

650.00 CAD

A Water Colour Painting of a British Artillery Officer

Here we offer a well executed water colour portrait of a Lieutenant Colonel in the Royal Artillery. Based on the mutten chop sideburns, the rank style and the Crimea medals, I would assume this dates late 1850s, early 60s. No name associated with the painting, but a wonderful back drop to a Crimea medal collection.

Code: 50664

550.00 CAD

Pattern 1833 Pioneer Sword

Offered here is an original British Army 1833 Pioneer Sword worn by Infantry Pioneers. This was a weapon and tool in one. It is not a bayonet, but a sword hanger worn by other ranks with the role of pioneer in an Infantry Battalion. The saw back was considered a proper tool for cutting, but such a tool could cause horrific injury to an enemy. In World War one the German soldiers had saw back bayonets and anyone found with one were given a good work over if taken prisoner. No one could survive a thrust with such a weapon.

This particular example is in overall good condition. The blade is in good shape, with some minor wear and an overall pleasant gray patina, but well marked and undamaged. The blade has inspector and ordnance marks. The brass hilt is in good condition and firm. A great example of a specialist weapon/tool. No scabbard.

Code: 50663

450.00 CAD

Operation Athena Maps for the Battle Of Musa Qal 'Eh

A more modern collectable for those interested in Afghanistan. Offered are a group of Maps dating from the 2007-2008 operations to quell the Taliban influence and occupation in and around Musa Qal 'Eh near and on the Helmand and Urzagon provincial border. This was a joint UK and Netherlands Op. This was by no means a small operation, it was one of the larger battles during the NATO Insurgency operations in this troubled land. It was a success, but with some blue on blue casualties with Dutch Forces.

Code: 50660