Terms of Business


All details of business terms, prices & descriptions of items offered for sale in this shop are current, subject to change without prior notice & replace any previously advertised details.


There is very little WWII Axis military inventory in this shop, however when it is made available, it is limited to the Axis Armed Forces (Navy, Army and Airforce) and not to the political arms of the three Axis powers. Garrison Militaria does not support the political views of National Socialism or the edicts of Imperial Japan. The military uniforms, medals, insignia and accoutrements of these nations are presented for sale only as historical military artifacts, captured material brought home by Allied soldiers, for militaria collector interest only.


On a sale-by-sale basis we can discuss layaway. If we agree to Layaway, we will require 25% of the asking price as a down payment and the total payment must be received within the negotiated timeframe. If full payment is not received within the agreed timeframe the sale will be considered in default and deposits will be forfeited after the agreed-on date unless further arrangements have been made.


Garrison Militaria is a consignment business providing a service to those dispersing a collection. We welcome consigned authentic military antiques for sale, whether one item or an entire collection. Sooner or later we or our families will be faced with having to sell our collections for various reasons. It can be painfully expensive to your estate if not handled properly. Garrison Militaria with its expertise will make the process seamless. Garrison Militaria will optimize the return on your investment and make the process less burdensome. There is no up-front fee. We will arrange an initial review of the collection, a Consignment Agreement drafted followed by a detailed inventory with your prices expected provided by you to be signed by all parties making the arrangement legally binding. Garrison will be responsible for physical transportation of the collection, research, evaluation and final pricing, writing descriptions, photography and posting of the collection online. If you are out of province and required to ship the items it will be at your expense. Effective June, 2021 Garrison commission structure is:

  • Consigned articles with a value less than $2,000. - 25%
  • Consigned articles with a value $2,000 or more - 20%

Once your collection items are sold, you will be paid either with cash payment, bank transfer or by company check within 30 days of sale with inventory update. Please allow time for the purchaser 14 day inspection and return privileges. For consignments containing multiple items, payments will be aggregated rather than sent separately. The option to you is to find a retailer who will ask for less than 17% on the item for overhead and the risk of the buy. The auction houses are taking 20 to 25% on the hammer price. We offer a competitive option if you are willing to post your items and wait for the return. If you want instant cash the other two options are the route to take, but you will not realize an optimized return and you have no control of pricing. Consider consignment as the alternative. Our clients to date have been happy with the return.

Our Guarantee

All items advertised on this web site are of original period manufacture unless stated otherwise. We offer a money back guarantee on all of the goods supplied subject to the terms listed below.

  • Should you be unhappy with any item purchased, you should contact us by e mail within 7 days of receipt of the goods. The item can then be returned to us, provided that it is in the condition as sent, for a full refund of the purchase price. If an item is not notified to us within this time, it will be considered as being sold. We regret that postage costs are not refundable
  • Please provide an explanation of why the item is not acceptable. Erroneous unsubstantiated opinions do not constitute a legitimate reason for returning an item.
  • This refund offer does not apply to any goods purchased in error (including errors in translation of the text of this web site to another language), on the behalf of a third party, nor to goods that have been damaged, disassembled or tampered with after purchase.
  • We supply items for collector display purposes only and such items are not intended for actual wear or use. We do not guarantee the fitting of any clothing, footwear or headgear, nor their suitability for being worn, whether on a person or form mannequin.
  • The responsibility lies with the customer to ensure that any goods ordered are allowed to be imported into your country. If an item has to be returned because it cannot be imported to your country, we can offer other goods to the same value in exchange, less any return postage and import costs incurred by us, but are unable to give a refund
  • Any returned items paid for via Paypal will be refunded via Paypal.

Purchaser agrees and acknowledges that the courts of the Province of Ontario shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute arising from a purchase or intended purchase and that buyer agrees that this dispute will be litigated exclusively in the courts of the Province of Ontario and not elsewhere, regardless of any party current or future residence. In the event the court find in favor of Garrison Militaria, the buyer agrees to pay all legal costs incurred by Garrison Militaria.

Acknowledgment and Acceptance of Orders.

No contract will exist between you and us until we have received full payment from you and have dispatched the ordered products. Please note that our initial acknowledgment of your order does not constitute acceptance of that order. You may also receive a payment acknowledgment email from Paypal, this again does not constitute acceptance of that order.

Should we, for any reason, decide not to accept your order we will advise you accordingly and any monies paid will be refunded.

Sales of Knives & Firearms

The sale of Knives, other Edged Weapons and Firearms are restricted to those aged over 18. Verification of age is required before purchase is concluded.

Due to PAYPAL policy restrictions all firearms and ordinance cannot be purchased using the PAYPAL option. All of this inventory is now marked Price on Request (POR) to avoid the PAYPAL buy option. If you wish to buy the posted antique hand guns or other ordinance you must contact me directly by phone or email and request the price for the item and close the deal by these means until I find an alternative service. All other products are still available using PAYPAL using the buy button. Sorry for the inconvenience.

All Firearms on this site are confirmed and defined legitimate pre 1897 ANTIQUES, meeting all guidelines according to Canadian Law. We also carry legally DEACTIVATED Modern Firearms with paperwork. At this time, due to the changing gun laws within Canada, the US and abroad, Antique and Deactivated Firearms on this site will only be sold within Canadian borders. Garrison does not carry or supply live munitions of any kind. Antique arms are not confirmed safe to fire. It is recommended that if you wish to fire firearms purchased from this site that they be checked by a qualified gunsmith before hand. For all intent and purpose these are sold as antique display items.

  • Garrison on occasion will carry inert or deactivated munitions and ordinance. Replica or inert munitions are non-mailable, as well as other devices that simulate explosive devices or munitions, including replica or inert grenades or other simulated military munitions, whether or not such items are for display purposes. Therefore we will only sell such replicas or confirmed deactivated items to local collectors over the age of 18.

Edged weapons will be sold globally. It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure the edged weapon ordered is not RESTRICTED within their country. If it is confiscated or turned away at the border we take no responsibility and there will be no refund.

Terms Used Pertaining to Gold, Silver, Bronze and Ivory

The expressions 'Gold', 'Silver' or 'Bronze' relate to, especially in the case of Decorations, to the grade of the award or the appearance or plating finish of metal items and does not imply a solid metal content of this description unless otherwise stated. Ivory is found on some objects and cannot always be confirmed, more importantly this material is subject to import laws and is often banned in most countries. We are typically limited to Canadian orders only. In quire by email for more information.

Availability of Goods.

This web site is designed to show only items of stock that are still available for sale, but it is still remotely possible that an item could be sold during your visit to the web site. In the unlikely event that an item has been sold by the time that you place your order, we will inform you by return e-mail.

Delivery Charges

All orders are subject to a delivery, packing & handling charge. The correct charges will be automatically calculated via our Shopping basket ordering system and are based on the total weight of your order, your location and our normal method of despatch. Please be aware that we reserve the right to alter any miscalculation, plus or minus, and you will be notified prior to shipping of any changes.

Garrison requests that any instructions you have for foreign customs declaration be given at the time of purchase. Garrison assumes no responsibility for any delay or loss due to foreign customs policies, including seizure. The buyer will also be responsible for all import and export customs and duty charges.


Although we offer a world wide export scheme, and trust & rely on the various delivery systems used to work properly, it must be understood that items are sent entirely at the customer's own risk. We will package the items well to prevent damage, and obtain all relevant despatch documents, etc, but in the event of a parcel being lost in transit we will not be liable for such a loss. Insurance, to the limits quoted by the delivery company involved, against loss or damage is included in our quoted delivery prices but offers only minimal cover. For additional coverage send an email and we will quote the add on price, its usually exceeds $100.00.


ALL PAYMENTS TO BE IN CANADIAN DOLLARS. When paying on Paypal or by other means you must do the conversion on your end. Pick the amount on paypal in CDN funds. Garrison does not take Credit Cards directly, only through Paypal on our basket system. We will be more than happy to accept cash at any of the shows we attend or from local buyers at prearranged locations. Please do not send cash in the mail. Bank transfers or money orders are an option and can be arranged by email, but must already be converted at your end. Garrison cannot be held responsible for sudden changes in foreign exchange rates.

Canadian citizens will be subject to sales tax as per Provincial jurisdiction rates. International orders are tax exempt. Taxes are automatically calculated in basket payment along with postage. All books are sold with a GST charge only. Canadians, please pick Alberta as your location in the basket purchase to process a book purchase to secure 5% as the GST charge only.


All photographs on the web site are our property and are not to be reproduced without prior permission.

Electronic Disclaimer.

Due to the complexities of the electronic world regarding this web shop, I reserve the right to refuse a sale if there has been an electronic failure in the description or pricing of any specific item.