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Welcome to the Garrison where you can find some wonderful unique treasures for your military collection. With 45 years experience in the collecting field, we have acquired a vast knowledge of military history, customs, and traditions. We have sourced historical uniforms, medals, insignia, accoutrements, and weapons from some of the most respected and feared military forces from around the globe.

Visit the barrack that suits your particular interest and dig through their attic, QM and arsenal to find items of a particular historical period. We guarantee you will find a treasure you cannot live without.

The Garrison includes Canadian, British, American, German and other national barracks to search through. The Colonial, Georgian and Victorian era are a specialty on this site, and of course the conflicts of the 20th century cannot be ignored. We look for quality over quantity whether it be items of combat or pomp and circumstance. You will find some of the most interesting and rare items for both the connoisseur collector’s taste and budget.

Items are listed in Canadian Dollars. Use the exchange rate button to find your preferred currency. If you wish to sell or consign items we are open to negotiate. Enjoy the hunt and hopefully you’ll find that special something for your collection.