Crew Letters and Photo of the HMS Crew Letters and Photo of the HMS Crew Letters and Photo of the HMS

Crew Letters and Photo of the HMS "NIOBI"

Offered here are personal letters and a picture of the crew of this ship. HMS Niobe, a Diadem-class protected cruiser, was transferred from the Royal Navy as one of the first ships of the newly-created Royal Canadian Navy in 1910. As HMS Niobe, she had had a distinguished record during the Boer War, earning her crew the Queen’s South Africa medal. During RN service she visited Halifax, most notably as escort to the Prince of Wales embarked in the Royal Yacht Ophir in October 1901.

Commissioned for service in the RCN on 16 September 1910, HMCS Niobe did not legally become an HMC Ship until arrival in Halifax on 21 October 1910. Niobe was almost lost during the night of 30-31 July 1911 when she went aground off Cape Sable, necessitating repairs that were not completed until the end of 1912 and that permanently reduced her maximum speed. In the fall of 1914, after the ravages of two years’ disuse had been made good, she joined the RN’s 4th Cruiser Squadron on contraband patrol off New York.

Worn out, she returned to Halifax on 17 July 1915, never to put to sea again. After being paid off, she became a depot ship. Her upper works were wrecked in the Halifax explosion of 6 December 1917, but she continued to serve as a depot ship until 1920, when she was sold for scrap. Niobe was broken up at Philadelphia two years later.

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